Aermeda -Premium Beard Balm


Aermeda beard balm is hand blended to perfection in coastal Otago, New Zealand. Formulated with local untreated beeswax, along with premium butters and oils, giving a medium hold.

Created to condition your beard from a blend of the very finest oils and butters - including Shea Butter, Otago Beeswax, Jojoba, Moringa, and Broccoli Seed Oils, a blend that will be quick to melt in your palm and ready to apply, leaving zero residue.

Their oils and butters were selected with the intention of creating a balm to lock in moisture, keep your beard from drying out and minimise any breakage or shedding - a great moisturiser for the skin underneath the beard and perfect for night time routine.

Aermeda beard balms are presented in a square, leak free vessel for the ultimate durability and protection. The pull off lid reveals a mouth wide enough to dispense just the right amount of balm on your fingertips. The ingredients and instructions are on a durable label as necessary for vessels containing beard balms.

Suitable for all beard types.

Use once or twice a week.

Best on a freshly washed and dried beard.

Dispense the desired amount into your palm and massage until melted – we recommend starting with a pea size piece.

Massage into the beard root to tip to allow hair follicles and the skin beneath to soak up our rejuvenating balm.

Great for an overnight conditioning treatment.

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