Aermeda- Roped Soap - Vegan Rice Milk Bastille- Orange, Clary Sage


Bastille soap is closely related to Castille soap. While Castille soap contains 100% olive oil any cold process soap made with at least 70% olive oil is considered a Bastille soap.

Our Milk Bastille soaps that are 80% Olive Oil with the remaining 20% made up of high quality butters and oils.

The purple hue of our vegan bastille soap is achieved by infusing Alkanet and Ratanjot root in olive oil for over 6 months. Alkanet root also has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rice milk was our plant milk of choice for this soap, resulting in a mild soap with good moisturising properties. It helps cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Like all Aermeda soaps, our Bastille contains no water - the liquid component is 100% milk..

A blend of three essential oils (Orange, Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang) is subtle and unites the earthy, herbaceous, floral and slightly fruity notes to evoke serenity and relaxation.

We think Bastille soap is wonderful, as it combines the rich skin soothing qualities of Castile soap, but you still have the cleansing ability and great lather that other oils can provide!

Incredibly mild, our formulation has a creamy, conditioning lather – and the sugar in the milk boosts the bubbles too! The high Olive Oil content makes it the perfect soap for sensitive or delicate skin.

Ingredients - Saponified Olive Oil, Rice Milk, Saponified Oils (Coconut Oil; Cocoa Butter; Shea butter; Alkanet infused Olive Oil); Glycerine; Saponified Castor Oil, Essential Oils of Orange, Clary Sage & Ylang Ylang with Purple Clay.

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