Aleph - Concealer Foundation 7.5


6g / .21 oz

To ensure your Concealer/Foundation is the correct shade, when you make a purchase you will receive a sample to test before opening the full product. You will also receive a sample of the next closest shade you select, lighter or darker on the colour spectrum. If the colour you purchase is not quite right for your skin tone, you can send the unopened product back to us and we will exchange it for the colour you prefer, at no extra charge.


7.5 Deep with red neutral undertones. Mix with Radiance Sun to give a great warm finish, use Terra as a beautiful contour, and Ascend as a pop for the cheeks and lips.


Aleph Concealer/Foundation is a multi-use, premium formula that self-adjusts to your skin tone.


The nutrient-packed makeup pot supports skin health on daily application and over time, to help your skin look and feel its best. The nourishing active ingredients help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, redness, pores and pigmentation.


Key ingredient, brown algae Alaria Esculenta Extract assists with cellular metabolism, boosts elasticity and hydration for rejuvenation and collagen enhancement. While Totarol, a compound extracted from the Totara tree and rich in Vitamin E, contains antioxidant and anti-microbial properties which keep your skin fresh and healthy. Jojoba Seed Oil penetrates deep into the skin to help regulate sebum production.


For full coverage, use the warmth of clean fingertips to apply neat or blend seamlessly as a concealer. To achieve medium coverage, apply in circular motions with the Diffuser Brush. For light coverage and a dewy finish, mix with 1-2 drops of Serum/Primer.


Coverage the way you choose it.


Concealer apply with the fingertips.

Foundation buff into the skin with the Diffuser Brush.

Tinted Moisturiser mix with a drop of Serum/Primer and smooth onto the skin with the fingertips.






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