Baron Hasselhoffs

Baron Hasselhoff - Marj's Yule Triffle Bar


Everyone has that relative at Christmas...

For The Baron it’s Auntie Marjorie. Every year she hides inside a giant trifle wearing a snorkel. After lunch, she leaps out covered in creamy custard, brandy-soaked sponge and dusted with raspberries. It’s a bit weird to eat it afterwards, but damn is it worth it.

Because no Christmas is complete without it, the Baron’s made Marj’s yule trifle into a milk chocolate bar – just for you. All the deliciousness. None of the awkwardness. Merry Christmas!

Handcrafted from bean to bar in Wellington, New Zealand.


Cacao Origin

Cathliro Co-Op, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Cathliro supports local cocoa communities by exporting boutique cocoa and leading the way in value-added cacao products in the Solomon Islands.


Cacao (Solomon Islands), Organic Sugar, Milk Powder (Dried Whole Milk, Emulsifier 322), Cacao Butter, Freeze Dried Raspberries,

Sponge(Butter, Caster Sugar, Free Range Eggs, Rice Flour, Ground Almonds, Baking
Powder, Guar Gum, Milk), Brandy. 

Cacao content: 51%

Contains milk, eggs. Gluten free.

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