Capulet - Glass Electric Lamp


These European-inspired glass lamps evoke a sense of calm and wonder.

They involve intricate, handcrafted designs made from polymer clay. The light from the LED bulb inside illuminates the design adding warmth and colour to your favourite room.

Each lamp comes with a 7W warm-white cool-touch LED bulb.

Dimensions: 12 cm H x 15 cm W

  • Available in Pohutukawa Blush - Teal skies, lush green foliage and bright red blossoms. A scenic, summery New Zealand delight.
  • Kowhai Tui - An iconic scene of a tui in a kowhai tree, which can be spotted throughout most of New Zealand.
  • Fantail Flitter, from the New Zealand series, designed in NZ. 

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