Frank Green

Frank Green - Tea Infuser V2


now with a screw top! made for loose leaf tea, this is the ultimate time and planet saver. it universally fits in all frank green ceramic reusable cups and bottles (excluding 6oz) specifically with button lids, so you can skip the tea pot all together. not a tea fan? strain fruit, berries, herbs, hopes, dreams and more for beautifully infused beverages. the stainless steel mesh filter will only allow flavour through, no sediment in sight. zilch. nada.

choose what to infuse
tea leaves, fruit, berries, herbs — whatever you want!

unscrew top
unscrew the top and add your tea, herbs, berries and more. screw the top back into place and click your infuser into your frank green.

steep and enjoy
add your water and let steep for a few minutes. carefully remove your infuser by pulling up the metal handle (or leave it in!) put your lid back on to your reusable cup or bottle and enjoy.

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