Hayley Benseman

Hayley Benseman - Luxry Bath Truffles - 3 Pack


Your beautiful pouch will come with 3 x single hand rolled bath truffles.
Each bath truffle is wrapped in home compo-stable grease paper and stuck with a teeny piece of recyclable Kraft tape hidden inside a recyclable pouch.

This is definitely a ‘spoil yourself’ treat without the calories! (do not eat) Just drop your cocoa butter fizzy bath truffle into the bath and watch while it slowly fizzles away.
The beautiful cocoa butter melts into the water and rose petals rise to the surface…indulgence!!! oh yes and not to mention the wonderful smells of rose geranium, sweet orange and patchouli will fill your bathroom and settle you into total relaxation.

Not only do we love soaking in rose petals, so did the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, she used rose water for it’s beautifying qualities.

If you want to pair this with another product of ours post bath truffle … you cant go past our Rosy Glow which has the same essential oil blend as our truffles! delightful

DO NOT use with a history of miscarriage if you are trying again – this is because of the rose geranium essential oil.

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