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Kara the Kakapo


AUTHOR: Danni Rae

No matter how hard she would try, Kara from Kakapo just couldn't quite seem to master the art of flying. But with optimism, determination and a little creative thinking can Kara still achieve her dream?

This delightful picture book is the story writing debut from Wellington zookeeper
Danni Rae. Her story is paired with stunning illustrations from Northland artist Evan Heasman (also as Soju Shots), which are a visual feast with vibrant colours and layers of detail to keep both children and adults enthralled.

Danni wrote Kara the Kākāpō, which is the first in a series of animal adventures, as a
way to share her passion for conservation with the youngest of readers.

“As a zookeeper each day I have the opportunity to talk to children about the wonders of animals and conservation. I wanted to use this book as a way to allow children to connect with these animals at home as well,” says Danni.

DIMENSIONS: 220 mm x 220 mm
BIND: Paperback
ISBN: 9780473621759

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