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KOA Organics - Calm Bath Salts - Kawakawa + Oats 250ml


Calm Bath Salts with Kawakawa and Colloidal Oats can soothe itchy irritated skin.

Delightful for any skin type; colloidal oats, native Kawakawa and chamomile are a calming and hydrating combination. Calm Bath Salts can bring immediate relief to irritated, itchy and rashy skin.

Regularly recommended by dermatologists as a skin protectant, oatmeal as an active ingredient can help restore the normal pH level and aid in the maintenance of the skin’s moisture barrier to help prevent and protect dry skin.

Immerse yourself in the most soothing, calming bath you can imagine with Koa Calm Bath Salts.

Forget the irritating chemical cocktails in your usual bubble baths, and say goodbye to the itchy glitter in those bath bombs (the eco-system doesn’t need to be sparkly!).

We’ve created an organically divine batch of soothing bath salts that will transport you to a state of bliss the minute you slip into the tub.

With Kawakawa leaves, colloidal oats, chamomile and calendula flowers, these bath salts have been developed with itchy skin and psoriasis in mind.
With ingredients known to be anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, this product is useful for wounds, eczema, nappy rash and dermatitis - as well as being incredibly relaxing and aiding sleep (thanks, Chamomile!)

For best results: Use a couple of tablespoons in a warm bath and soak for 10-15 minutes. Any longer may dry your skin out. Pat skin dry and follow up immediately with Kawakawa Balm, Magnesium & Kawakawa Body Butter,  or Kakakawa & Hemp Balm to lock in the moisture and relieve further irritation.

This bath salt nourishes your skin, gently cleanses and leaves it feeling silky soft and smooth. A wonderful head-start for treating itchy and inflamed skin conditions.

Effective, natural, simple, eco-friendly. A beautiful gift or treat for yourself!


 Organic Oats, Natural Epsom Salts, dried Kawakawa leaves, Calendula petals, & flowers, Chamomile flowers and Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

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