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Light & Vessel - Bath Soaks


FOREST BATH - There is nothing quite like spending time in nature.
The Japanese art of Shirin yoku, or Forest Bathing under the canopy of the woods is proven way to boost immunity and rejuvenate.

Take in the forest atmosphere at home and benefit from the aromatherapy and water therapy with our slow soak.

A vibrant blend of magnesium, salts, thyme, matcha and cypress essential oil fragrance blend will take you right there.

Breathe easy, close your eyes.
All is well.

Add a handful to your running bath.

500gm Glass Jar.

YUZU MILK - Yuzu baths, or yuzuyu (柚子湯) are a tradition in Japan, to bring good fortune in the year to come.

We have teamed the bright optimistic fragrance of Yuzu with Organic coconut milk, rice powder, magnesium and rock salt, to envelope your skin and awaken your joy.

Add a handful to your running bath.

500gm Glass Jar.

Bathe like a God/dess with our Iconic.
High Mineral Sanctuary Salts will send you away to gentle slumber.

Proven sleep inducing benefits of Lavender and Magnesium. Pink mountain + Epsom salts, lavender essential oil.

500gm glass jar.

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