Metalbird- Kokako regular


The South Island Kōkako is extinct but thanks to predator-controlled areas, the North Island bird, with its extraordinary haunting call, lives on. If you're lucky enough to catch it in action, you’ll see it wearing a black burgler’s mask and rich blue wattles, and, not being crash-hot fliers, mostly bounding along branches on powerful legs. They make up for their fairly average flying abilities with complex singing, including the longest known duetting of any songbird in the world. We reckon Kōkako deserves a special place at your place.

32cm high by 21cm wide approximately 300g 

Made locally in a family-owned factory, right here in  NZ

Crafted from 3mm Corten steel and designed to last a lifetime

Easy to install holding on a downwards angle simply tap the thickest end of the stake with a hammer or mallet until secure

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