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Miss Rose Sister Violet

MissRoseSisterViolet - Floral Stella Dress


The Linen Stella is one of our most popular dresses from Miss Rose Sister Violet, with tiered layers that form an A-line dress with a gorgeous flattering flare towards the bottom of the dress.

The Stella dress is oversized and loose, made from Italian pre-washed linen which is a lovely weight, slightly heavier than handkerchief linen but with a lovely body to it making it perfect for wear all year round. It can be worn by itself in Summer and layered during the colder months with long t-shirts, boots, and leggings. The air caught between the body and the dress works as an insulator in both cold and hot weather. That is the real wonder of Linen.

All our linen is pre-washed making it extra soft and flattering to wear.

Wash and hang dry need to iron.. the heat of the body as you wear it will `iron` out the creases. This dress has no pockets ( we LOVE pockets BUT ....having pockets in this dress would change the shape and make it bulge in the worst place, hence we have opted for a more streamlined shape.

Size M/L, Bust - 138cm, Hips - 186cm, Length - 110cm (circumference) will fit to size 24.

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