On Sundays

On Sundays - Loose Tea Infuser


A tea lovers’ essential. Let your tea leaves dance and unfold in this reusable, stainless steel tea infuser.

Sits easily in most mugs and teapots.

We designed our infuser this way for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we like to use large cut tea leaves and petals to give you maximum flavour as well as therapeutic benefits so tea bags were never going to cut it. This spacious infuser gives the leaves room to spread out so you get every bit of goodness out of them.

Secondly, it was important for us to have a design with a lid. The lid serves two purposes, one being that it traps in the steam while your tea brews - this means your tea stays hot and the nutrients stay in the cup. The other being that it serves as a plate for the infuser so you don’t have to wait by the sink while your tea brews, this way you can slot the infuser into the lid to catch the extra drops of tea while you enjoy your brew.

Lastly, this is the easiest tea infuser you’ll ever use. Trust us.

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